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Statistics show that a large majority of truck drivers, nearly 75 percent, are overweight. When you're behind the wheel of a big rig for most of the hours of the day, it's not easy to lose weight. Here are some suggestions on how to stay fit on the road.

Why are so many truck drivers overweight? The main reason for the weight issues is their sedentary lifestyle by being behind the wheel for so many hours in a day, there's little time to exercise. The other major reason is because of poor eating habits - either eating all fast food or eating too large of portions.

One way you can start down the road to becoming fit is to...

Drop some weight. Use Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Recipe, low fat meat cuts, and low fat dairy products. Stay away from the fast food restraints along your route. You can also plan when you will eat and take some healthy snacks with you from home.

If you have to stop at a truck stop or restaurant for food, choose the lighter or healthier fare. Make plans to eat three meals a day instead of waiting until later in the evening to eat. When you don't eat all day you become overly hungry and then most likely gorge yourself. Unfortunately this leads to bad food choices and quite often overeating.

After changing your eating habits, the next best thing you can do is..

to become more active. Decide now that your health is important and that you must do something about it. When you stop for a meal, make sure you spend some time walking around.

A Schneider National health counselor has determined that ...

walking around your rig 32 times equals a mile. You have to walk around it to check it out anyhow, why not take a couple extra trips around it, and do your body good?

Start slow when adding walking to your routine. If you have problems walking to and from the truck stop when you've had to park away from it, you'll want to make yourself do it more often. Walk slowly and then build up to walking further and walking faster. Before you know it, walking to and from the truck won't be a problem at all.

Besides walking, you can...

run, ride a bicycle, or hike when the weather is nice. If you have to stop near a lake or ocean, make sure you have some swim trunks and go enjoy a romp in the water.

Exercise, Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Recipe and eating right have benefits outside of helping you lose weight. You'll feel better, have more energy, and have increased focus. If these are reasons enough for finding out how to stay fit while on the road, how about being able to sleep better, reduction in diabetes or high blood pressure? If you think about it, getting and staying fit is a win-win situation.



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