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Designers, developers must work in tandem to get success


Becoming a designer as well as a developer can be exhausting and painful. In both these fields a lot of indepth study is involved. Getting proficient in only design or only development can also be tough. Often it’s easier to team up with a developer/designer to work on your projects.

So what is the easiest way to handle such an association? Here I will share some ideas on how these two professionals can best work together. If they fully complement each other’s needs, the experience will be that much simpler. The  two of them must guide one another so that a wonderful product is finally created.

Secret to Collaboration

Having a communication schedule that is to the point may be the most essential aspect of working in tandem. Designers much ensure that every mockup can be accessed easily because exporting icons, a logo,  backgrounds and other elements of the website is vital. For designers who are into mobile apps from software development firm, the work become double, for the programmer will require direct access to the app’s icon as well as the different UI elements like buttons, gradients and so on.

I would suggest the two make use of certain job management software like Trello or Wunderkit. Both are totally free to use. They can also invite other people to join in the work. This will give them use of a huge variety of tools to plan the project step by step.

After a while, total collaboration is not generally necessary. Once the duo understands their overall goal, it’s only a matter of getting it done. The designer must start first and ensure that all the elements of the page are realistic. For when the design is complete, then the page’s elements have to be just transcribed into HTML5/ JS/CSS3 and here the designer may not be of much help.

Share Ideas Openly

The relationship must be comfortable for both so that ideas can be freely shared. It may sound silly, but it’s vital that everything is discussed in detail; the two must sit down to create anything. Ideas are authoritative but they can vanish within a second. So write down things to make sure you don’t forget.

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I have noticed that the manner in which designers think tilts more towards content display and aesthetics. On the other hand, a developer will generally think how the page will work, the navigation components and the links. Both sets of ‘ideas’ are vastly different but both are essential to build a terrific website layout.

Put yourself in each other’s shoes so both understand each other’s ideas. I don’t mean to say that designers as well as developers speak in totally different terminologies. However, ideas have to be shown in a physical way, by way of drawings, writing or in speeches. If the ideas are presented in a meaningful way, they will make the process very smooth.

Chalk Out Responsibilities

Your relationship with your partner as well as the nature of the project your are creating, will be factors to consider when you think about writing down both your responsibilities.  If the project will take months to plan and entail lot of hard work, then your individual tasks must be clearly spelt out. It will need dedication and skill but it will be worthwhile. If  money is involved you will want to know what the split will be. If a project manager is involved, all shareholders must be kept informed. There must be total transparency in the procedure. From beginning to end, you all will want to know what’s going on. and how some issues are being dealt with. Therefore, writing it down is a great way to function, for you can refer to the written document if some issues are to be resolved.

Solving Problems

If you aim to function with many creative professionals and all of you have a strong focal point, real issues may never arise. But it’s possible that you will have to face disagreements. So it’s essential that you respect everyone’s opinion so that they can express themselves without restraint. Resolving disputes means compromising. The entire team – if it’s two or 10 people – must focus on the final product. You will thus want to solve issues in a reasonable way and which will be highly beneficial to the project. Check your egos and be open to fresh ideas. If a change has to be made to ensure a better project, do it.

It is also vital that you display your emotions in such a way that it does not hurt other shareholders’ feelings. Since it pays to have good feedback, ensure you provide feedback in a well-mannered way. Then all of you can move smoothly on the path to completing the project collectively. The ultimate picture must be good enough to convince all that the choices you all made on the way were eventually the best ones.

Summing up

It is essential to keep in mind that we are human beings and long to be appreciated and respected. Working as a team is similar to other jobs. The bottom line is: you must respect your partners and help them clear all obstacles. All other intricacies of the project are mere details in the working relationship with digital pros.
I hope you have liked this article. Please share your comments on the same.





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