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Maxim Paine
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Maxim Paine
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A very complex yet fun game loved by millions, Roguelike games are the newest wave of today's best online games. In contrast to other types of games, where the gameplay is just a sequence of clicking, or shooting, in Roguelike games the entire action is based on a strategic approach. Players take turns playing a secret agent who fights against evil while finding the ultimate power ups and unlocking secrets to the advancement of the game. If you love to play games that put a twist on typical gaming genres then you will love Roguelike Games.

A genre all of its own, Roguelike Games combines the classic points & click gameplay of classic games with a more addictive element. Unlike other games where there are many levels to the game, in roguelite there are only a handful of levels. The reason behind this is the emphasis on non-playable character interactions. Although there are still plenty of enemies to fight and items to collect, the game's difficulty increases exponentially with every level that is completed. Players must use every trick up their sleeve to overcome each challenge placed before them.

Isaac is the hero of the story in any roguelike. A young boy, Isaac finds himself possessed with a strange psionic power. This power allows him to manipulate objects and people using telekinesis, and telekinetic control. Using his powers, he seeks out the cause of a strange and violent plague that has killed most of the people in his town and sets out on a personal vendetta. Along the way, he also encounters several other characters including a girl who is lost in a cave, a merchant who is missing his key items, and three very different animal friends whom he must help as he tries to find a cure for a deadly virus that is rampant throughout the city. In order to save the world, Isaac sets out on a journey, using only his mind, body, and skills.

Perhaps, one of the best roguelikes games available on the market today, Dead Cells offers an intriguing mixture of tactical and survival based action. The genre of this game is a mixture of first person shooter, horror, sci-fi, and even puzzle elements. Playing as Isaac, you'll take control of one of several agents that are sent to investigate a mysterious outbreak in a sleepy town, which is rumored to be caused by a satanic cult that desires to turn the masses against humanity.

Another great title with a rogue-like theme is Dungeon Crawl: Rise of the Silvermoon. As far as the best roguelike games go, this is a close second only to Roguelight. This is also published by the same developer as Cryptic Studios, the developer of the classic Forgotten realms games such as Age of Mythology and Godfather: Spring of Night. With plenty of dungeons to explore, as well as a great fighting system, and tons of items to collect and enhance, it's easy to see why this is one of the best roguelike games available on the market.

One of the best roguelikes available for gaming consoles, City of Heroes takes the basic turn-based strategy formula and modernizes it. Using a variety of different characters, players must use strategy to conquer each level while dealing with all kinds of obstacles and environmental hazards along the way. Playing as any character will unlock new play styles, allowing you to adapt your game style to the situation at hand. This is a great title for anyone who enjoys turn-based gaming and has a great deal of replay value as well.

One of the best roguelikes available for gaming consoles, Spelunky is an incredibly twisted roguelike. In short, you have a mission in which you have to go through the world of Spelunky, a dark fantasy world, while killing every enemy you meet. Spelunky is very different than many of its predecessors. Instead of randomly generated rooms, each level is composed of a small segment of a larger world that is generated when you game startup. This helps to create a more interesting game experience, as you have a whole world to play around in, instead of being stuck in a small area.

While not technically true roguelikes, Shantotto is a great game with a great game design. Like many other Nintendo switch roguelike games, you are in control of both the characters and the enemies you fight and are able to Dodge, and then attack your opponents with style. If you like the rogue style combat that's been popular lately, Shantotto will give it to you in a big way. Not only does it look great on the Nintendo switch, it is well designed and oozes with personality.


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